Solid forms

High quality with options

Tablets, film coated and sugar coated tablets!
The manufacturing of sugar and film coated tablets are the main activities at Lomapharm®. Dry blends and granules produced by dry or wet granulation are the basis for the fully automated tablet presses used at Lomapharm®. 28 sugar coating pans and 4 film coating devices are available for the next manufacturing steps and support large batch sizes.

Since a couple of years, Lomapharm® is offering the manufacturing of micro tablets. The small tablets with a diameter of 2 mm combine the advantages of a conventional, effective tablet manufacturing process and the dosing possibilities of powders and granules as required i.e. for pediatric applications.


  • Free fall blender
  • High shear blender
  • Ribbon blender



  • Wet granulation with tray drying
  • Roller compaction


  • 8 tabletting machines
  • Including micro tablets


  • 28 sugar coating pans
  • 4 film coaters for batch sizes up to 550 kg