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Lomapharm is known for 140 years experience in drug manufacturing, high quality standards and modern equipment. As a mid-sized contract development and manufacturing organisation, Lomapharm® offers development, production, packaging and release of different dosage forms.

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Made in Germany

Made in Germany

since 1878

Lohmapharm Service

Lomapharm® supports their customers in the whole product lifecycle management. The service portfolio includes the formulation and analytical development, validation but also stability programs combined with corresponding registration documentation. Lomapharm® is also offering the manufacturing of clinical trial medication.

Lohmapharm Produktion

Solid forms, liquids but also the aseptic manufacturing of sterile products are covered by Lomapharm®'s capabilities. Modern products as micro-tablets or non-preserved eye drops and nasal sprays are manufactured as well as conventional forms.

Lomapharm Konfektionierung

Packaging technologies are available for all manufactured dosage forms. Blister packaging, bottles and jars and are used for packaging of solid forms - liquids are packed in bottles, and drink shots. Sterile products are either filled in glass or plastic bottles with corresponding dosing systems.

Made in Germany

Made in Germany

Gewohnte Präzision seit 1878

Lomapharm GmbH in times of the Corona Virus Pandemic

Lomapharm GmbH was classified as relevant by the State Trade Inspectorate in Hanover as a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals and due to the type and scope of the range for the supply of pharmaceuticals.


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