Lomapharm is part of Daicel Group

Lomapharm is part of the Japanese Daicel Group from 1st October 2018

Just in time for the 140th anniversary, a new and exciting chapter begins for Lomapharm. After the company was acquired by the Munich-based Private Equity Company (DUBAG) from the Lohmann Group in 2013, the company is now part of the Japanese Daicel Group. The revenues increased from 16.3 million Euro in 2013 to more than 24 million Euro in 2018. The number of employees has grown from 115 to more than 170 in same time.

Who is the Daicel Corporation and what is the driver to acquire Lomapharm?

Founded in 1919, Daicel Corporation is active in the chemical and medical sectors, among others. The core technologies include cellulose derivatives, organic chemicals and polymers as well as co-processed excipients. The company has around 12,000 employees in 14 different countries. Daicel’s headquarter is based in Osaka and the company is also listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. With the acquisition of Lomapharm, Daicel enters into the drug formulations business and continues to expand its excipients business. Daicel’s commitment to Lomapharm is long term.

The corporate strategy of Lomapharm, the employees and the management team remain untouched. Lomapharm welcomes the Daicel Corporation and is looking forward to a long-term partnership to continue the business growth in the future.

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