Drug manufacturing with history

Alexander Heimbürger from Münster started 1878 with the foundation of Lomapharm.

A first product has been developed and established with some experimental and innovative ideas. “H. Bürgers Digestiv-Salz” has been sold as wound- and laxative product. Old files demonstrate that the customers were based all over the world, so that the dynasties in Germany, in Russia and in China ordered that product.

The company has been divided beginning of 1950’s when Rudolf Lohmann has sold the pharmaceutical wholesaler business which has kept the name “Heimbürger”. The manufacturing plant has been renamed in „Lomapharm Rudolf Lohmann GmbH KG”.

Today’s key area is the contract development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical as well as medical device products. Lomapharm®`s customers are today national and international pharmaceutical or marketing companies.

Major investments over the last years have been done in the manufacturing site. One of the key investments has been realized 2012, when a new production unit has been established for aseptic manufacturing of ophtalmic and nasal products.

After Lomapharm® was acquired by the Munich-based Private Equity Company (DUBAG) from the Lohmann Group in 2013, the revenues increased from 16.3 million euros in 2013 to more than 24 million euros in 2018. The number of employees has grown from 115 to more than 170 in the same time.

Coinciding with its 140th anniversary, Lomapharm® was acquired by the Japanese Daicel Group in October 2018. With the acquisition of Lomapharm, Daicel enters into the drug formulations business and continues to expand its excipients business.

In 2019, Lompharm Rudolf Lohmann GmbH KG changed its name to Lomapharm GmbH. After the retirement of Dr. Alfons Weische in March 2021, Marvin Dratius now leads the company together with Kenichi Yamada. In 2022, Dr. Seiji Sakano, was appointed to the management of Lomapharm GmbH.