Drug manufacturing with history

In 1878, a world-famous magician, Alexander Heimbürger from Münster, laid the foundation for today’s pharmaceutical company Lomapharm.

Heimbürger, a keen experimenter and world traveller, launched the wound and laxative “H. Bürgers Digestiv-Salz” on the market in 1878. In old documents, one finds the customer names of various royal houses at home and abroad, including the German, Russian and Chinese imperial courts.

At the beginning of the 1950s, Rudolf Lohmann sold the pharmaceutical wholesaler, retaining the old company name Heimbürger, and renamed the company “Lomapharm Rudolf Lohmann GmbH KG”.

Today, the development and production of pharmaceuticals and medical products on a contract basis is the clear focus of Lomapharm’s activities. The customers of the traditional company include national and international pharmaceutical companies and distributors.

In the recent past, considerable investments were made in the production facility. In 2012, another milestone was set and a production unit for the sterile/aseptic manufacture of eye drops and nasal sprays was put into operation.

After Lomapharm was sold by the Emmerthal-based Lohmann Group to the Munich-based private equity firm (DUBAG) in 2013, turnover increased from €16.3m in 2013 to more than €24m in 2018. In the same period, the number of employees grew from 115 to more than 165.

Coinciding with its 140th anniversary, Lomapharm® was acquired by the Japanese Daicel Group in October 2018. With the purchase of Lomapharm, Daicel entered the drug formulations business and further expanded its excipients business.

In 2019, Lompharm Rudolf Lohmann GmbH KG changed its name to Lomapharm GmbH.

After 4 ½ successful years as part of the Daicel Group, Neumarkt-based Bionorica SE acquired 100% of the shares in Lomapharm GmbH on 01.04.2023. Among other things, Bionorica is known for its various herbal preparations, such as Sinupret, Canephron or Bronchipret.

As part of the Bionorica family, an expansion of the solida production is an integral part of the site development of Lomapharm GmbH.