Ferrous Sulfate Lomapharm®

Iron for sufficient oxygen in the blood

Iron deficiency is worldwide the most important mineral salt deficiency. Iron is used to build erythrozytes that are necessary to store and transport oxygen, therefore Iron has such important role in the oxygen supply. Ferrous Sulfate Lomapharm® in all three strengths is a drug product in Germany. All these products are marketed in Germany by Lomapharm® and are ready for licensing activities in further territories.

Ferrous Sulfate Lomapharm®

contents fast available Ferrous Sulfate.

Ferrous Sulfate Lomapharm® 50 mg, 65 mg and 100 mg

(containing 50 mg, 65 mg and 100 mg Iron, equivalent to approx. 152 mg, 200 mg and 304 mg dried ferrous sulfate).

Read the patient information leaflet and contact your doctor or pharmacist for further information about risks and side effects.